2018 Texas Weekender Details

USC is heading to Austin this year and we have a full weekend of events in store! If you are joining us from out of town, check out some fun things to do while you are in town!


Friday, september 14

  • 10:00aM-5:00PM - Weekender CEntral is open at the Westin Downtown Austin 

  • TBD - Pep Rally with the Trojan Marching Band

  • 8:00PM-10:00pm - USC Weekender Welcome Party at Bufords


saturday, september 15

  • 9:00AM - 12:00PM - Weekender Central is open at the Westin Downtown Austin

  • TBD - USCAA Official USC vs. UT Game Tailgate

  • 7:00pm - USC vs. UT at DKR Texas memorial stadium


sunday, september 16

  • 10am-11:30Am - Post-Weekender brunch at threadgills


Game Ticket Information

Unfortunately, the University of Texas has announced that they will not be releasing any single game tickets for the USC Game. Nor does the Local Alumni Club have a block of tickets for sale. As such, our best advice is to look for tickets via the secondary market, e.g. reseller websites. If you have tickets you would like to sell, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in  locating a buyer. If you are looking for other Trojans to join a group ticket purchase, you are welcome to post a message on our Facebook page.

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